Medical doctor type

When more diseases are found and as technological advancements in the field of medicine appear, people are faced with so many choices to find drugs for their disease. This can be confusing sometimes because patients are given various kinds of doctors to be chosen and many are not familiar with the terms used to describe medical specialists. The doctor becomes more concentrated in just one area of ​​the body, then, the body’s body specialist.

So, what kind of doctor? Here is a list and appropriate specialization.

1. Cardiologist – a doctor who specializes in the treatment of heart disease and the circulatory system.

2. Dermatologist – a medical doctor who deals with skin problems.

3. Ahendocrinologist – a doctor who treats the gland problem.

4. Gastrologies – medical specialists who diagnose and treat stomach problems.

5. Gastroenterologist – A doctor who diagnosed and treats the abdominal problems, intestines and organs associated with the digestive system.

6. Gynecologist – a doctor who treats disease in the female reproductive system.

7. Infectious Disease Specialists – medical specialists who specialize in infectious diseases such as pork, HIV / AIDS, among others.

8. Internal Medical Specialist – a medical doctor who diagnosed and treated diabetes, high blood pressure, and other internal body diseases.

9. Nephrology – a doctor who treats kidney disease.

10. OPTHALMOGOLIST – A doctor who treats eye problems.

11. Otolaryngologists – a medical doctor who deals with sinus problems, allergies, and other head disorders and neck.

12. Pediatrician – a doctor who provides care for babies to teenagers.

13. Podiatris – medical specialist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of foot disease.

14. Psychiatrist – a medical doctor who diagnosed and treated patients with mental disorders.

15. Pulmonologist – A doctor who diagnates and treats lung problems, or respiratory system in general.

16. Rheumatologist – a medical specialist who diagnosed and treats arthritis and other diseases on the joints, muscles and bones.

17. Medical surgeons who perform surgical operations.

However, more subspecializations fall under this category because more doctors choose to focus on limited body areas.

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