Digestion! How does it affect your body and health?

Everyone is born with the digestive system. Why does it affect my body or my health?

There is no complex about it, it’s just something like an automatic pilot. The food is entered, digested, the stomach takes what is needed and what is left out again; Only simple daily procedures. This is the way it works from a healthy digestive system. Most people don’t realize that 80 percent of the immune system is in the digestive line. The focal point here is, only with a healthy intestine and only with optimal health can be achieved. No matter how old, our digestive system is an important function in our body and health.

How does everything work?

According to research as high as eight out of ten people may have digestive problems. Increasing food intolerance is by many who are ignored or unwittingly. Many health problems can come from bad or wrong intestinal bacteria, probiotics-i.e, healthy bacteria. The best choice and the only one to get a good number of probiotics is the right food; This will restore the body intestinal flora.

Many health problems and allergies usually come from poor intestinal health. The digestive system is often not doing the way it should and this can cause non-digestible food bacteria and waste metabolism. Digestive songs down; The length of the entire digestive system starts from the mouth along the way down about 30 feet or 9.1 meters. That alone seems extraordinary and makes it worse if something is wrong with it.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system means a natural healthy diet, regular exercise, eating slowly, quite and organized, chewing food well and eating fiber-rich foods.

Fiber plays an important role for healthy digestion. 30 grams of rich diets as high as 30 grams per day push through material through the digestive system.

How do you get a healthy intestine?

Fermented food for healthy intestines has many health benefits and is the most effective way to recover intestinal inflammation disorders.

Consumption of developing and sustainable processed foods has dramatically changed our diet. The results of this for years are evidenced by increasing increasing chronic health problems. We no longer receive traditional fermented food in a diet every day we produce a natural cultivation process that includes all profitable microbes that we really need for our health. There is no effective drug as fermented food to improve the digestive conditions or intestines in their own way. It serves as a detoxification agent for cleaning a variety of poisons.

When choosing fermented food, don’t get along with the pasteurized version. Pasteurization will do the opposite and destroy many of the natural traits that occur and do not improve bad intestinal syndrome.

Many of these probiotic products contain additional sugar, high fructose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and coloring. This has no health benefits; Most of them will only worsen your health.

Fermented food!

To ensure optimal intestinal flora regularly consumes fermented foods such as various fermentation of sauerkraut, cucumber, cabbage, squash, onions, eggplants, radishes, carrots, etc. Introducing fermented vegetables on your diet gradually and slowly work slowly. Fermented vegetables are easily prepared in your own kitchen and are most effective in getting healthy probiotics in good quantities in your food. It will also increase your fiber intake and at the same time can reduce the risk of developing many diseases including colorectal cancer that is often associated with poor digestion for a long time.

Reducing as many processed food intake as possible; They generally have a little nutrition or fiber and are known to contain a lot of saturated fat.

Drink lots of liquid mainly filtered water, but make sure to never drink water with hot food; This will have a deadly effect on your digestive system.

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